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ENDNOTE documentation
ENDNOTE is a set of bibliographic management software.
The main purpose is to Mainly to help users organize and set up a personal bibliographic database (Personal bibliographic databases), to help users manage research and the necessary documentation for their teachings.

To provide users with more convenient services, the web supports the ENDNOTE application. Users can export search results from books, and import bibliographic information to ENDNOTE.

The user instructions are as follows:

1. Click “Bibliography & Full Text Search”, enter the keywords you wish to search , and click “Search”. This will create a list of results.

2. Click the check box to select the bibliographic information you need from the list of results.

3. Click “Turn out”, this will transfer the bibliographic information you need into the Endnote format, it will be a text file named “export.txt”.

4. You can download and save the text file containing the bibliographic information you need to your personal computer.

5. Run ENDNOTE, and click “File \ Import”, then you can begin importing the bibliographic information from the text file named “export.txt”.

6. Click “Choose File”, select “export.txt”,you can see a table. First, click “Import Option”, then select “Endnote Import”. Second, click “Text Translation”, select “unicode(UTF-8)”, and then click “Import”.

7. After the action, the bibliographic information which you need will display in ENDNOTE.

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ENDNOTE Download
If you are a teacher, administrative staff, or student of National Taiwan University, you can download ENDNOTE at the Computer and Information Networking Center. You can also download the free trial edition from the ENDNOTE website.

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《 other information about ENDNOTE
If you want to know more information about ENDNOTE, You can link to the National Taiwan University bibliography administrative software instructions. (It contains more comprehensive instructions.)

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