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yaj ce vibbu pasajsanti anuvicca suve suve

acchiddavuttij medhavij pabbasilasamahitaj

(DhP 229)

Sentence Translation:

Whom the wise ones praise, having examined him thoroughly day after day,
one with faultless conduct, intelligent, endowed with wisdom and virtue,
[continued in DhP 230]

Sentence Structure:
List of Abbreviations

yaj               ce    vibbu pasajsanti anuvicca suve suve
|                      |         |             |              |          |       |
Rel.Pron.m.  part.   N.m.   V.ger.   Adv. Adv.
Acc.Sg.           |    Nom.Pl. 3.Pl.pres.       |          |____|
|____________|         |             |               |________|
           |                    |             |____________|
                               |            |______|

List of Abbreviations

acchidda+vuttij   medhavij pabba+sila+samahitaj
|                  |              |             |         |           |
Adj.        Adj.m.     N.m.       N.f.    N.m.  Adj.m.
|             Acc.Sg.   Acc.Sg.        |_____|     Acc.Sg.
|__________|              |                  |_________|

Vocabulary and Grammar:
List of Abbreviations

yaj: yat-, Rel.Pron.: that, which. Acc.Sg.m.: yaj.

ce, part.: if. Here used instead of the conjunction ca (and).

vibbu: vibbu-, Adj.: intelligent. As a N.m.: intelligent person. Nom.Pl. = vibbu.

pasajsanti, V.: to praise, to commend. The verb root is sajs- (to proclaim, to point out) with the strenghtening prefix pa-. = pasajsanti.

anuvicca, V.ger.: having examined thoroughly, having known well. The verb root is vid- (to know) with the prefix anu- (along).

suve, Adv.: tomorrow. When doubled (as here): day after day.

List of Abbreviations

acchiddavuttij: acchiddavutti-, Adj.: having faultless conduct. It is the word chiddavutti-, Adj. (with wrong conduct), negated by the negative prefix a-. This word is a compound of:
    chidda-, Adj.: having faults, faulty, defective.
    vutti-, N.f.: conduct, acting, livelihood.
Acc.Sg.m. = acchiddavuttij.

medhavij: medhavin-, N.m.: intelligent person, wise one. Acc.Sg. = medhavij.

pabbasilasamahitaj: pabbasilasamahita-, Adj.: endowed with wisdom and virtue. It is a compound of:
    pabba-, N.f.: wisdom.
    sila-, N.n.: virtue.
    samahita-, Adj.: having attained, endowed with. It is a p.p. of the verb dha-, to put, with the prefixes saj-, together and a-, towards.
Acc.Sg.m. = pabbasilasamahitaj.

List of Abbreviations

    The subject of this sentence is the noun vibbu (wise ones, nominative plural). The verb is pasajsanti (praise, 3rd person, plural, active, indicative, present tense). It has an attribute, the gerund anuvicca (having examined) with its attribute, the phrase consisting of two adverbs suve (every day). The main object is the relative adverb yaj (whom, accusative singular). It has three attributes, the adjective compounds acchiddavuttij (one with faultless conduct, accusative singular), medhavij (intelligent, accusative singular) and pabbasilasamahitaj (endowed with wisdom and virtue, accusative singular). The particle ce (if; here only in place of the conjunction ca, and) serves mainly for metrical purposes.


    The story for this verse is identical with the one for the previous verses (DhP 227, DhP 228) and the following verse (DhP 230).

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Sentence pronunciation

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