By Robert B. Zeuschner

Journal of Chinese Philosophy
V. 3 (1976)
pp. 299-311

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This bibliography is limited to the more important studies and translations devoted to the Chinese school of Ch'an (Zen) Buddhism. Consequently materials which concentrate exclusively upon the Japanese Zen school are not included. Although this bibliography is mainly devoted to writings on Ch'an in Western languages, a great number of extremely important critical works on Chinese Ch'an texts and thought is found in contemporary Japanese studies. For this reason we have included some of the best studies from this enormous field of literature.

    Entries marked with an asterisk* are considered to be of exceptional value or interest.


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The number of articles written on Chinese Ch'an in Japan is truly enormous, and no attempt here will be made to give a comprehensive listing. Instead we will give a very selective listing of some of the most valuable of the Japanese studies, concentrating on recently published books and articles. A good listing of major works written up until 1967 is found in the bibliography to Philip Yampolsky's The Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch (N.Y., Columbia, 1967).




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This is a book which concentrates upon the political interaction of Ch'an
Buddhism with the officials and rulers of China.

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Mochizuki, Shinko, Bukkyo daijiten (Encyclopaedia of Buddhism), Tokyo, 1955-1963. 10 vols.
Although this is not devoted strictly to Zen Buddhism, it is a primary source for information on doctrines, concepts,
    biographical information, and texts.

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This is an 8-volume series on various aspects of Ch'an and Zen thought, including volumes devoted to Zen and literature,
    the experience of Zen, Zen and contemporary thought, etc.
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Although not devoted to just Ch'an or Zen, this is another basic reference work explaining important information on
    almost all the Buddhist texts in Chinese and Japanese.

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These three volumes constitue one of the single best sources for information on the historical development of the Ch'an
    school in China during its earliest formative years.

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    Kyoto, Zen Bunka Kenkyujo Kenkyu ho koku, 1966.
All of Professor Yanagida's historical studies and translations are among the very best of the Japanese studies of Chinese
Yanagida, Seizan and Nishitani Keiji, Zenke goroku (Zen discourses), Tokyo, Chikuma Shobo, 1973.2 volumes.

Zen no goroku (Discourses of the Ch'an masters), Chikuma Shobo, Tokyo, 1969-. 20 volumes.
    This is a series of 20 volumes of detailed annotated translations of some of the most important of the Ch'an texts. Each
    volume is done by a recognized expert in the field, and embodies the very highest scholarship. The following is a list
    of the volumes in the series.

Vol. 1, Daruma no goroku (The Discourse of Bodhidharma), tr. by Seizan Yanagida, Chikuma Shoten, 1969.
Vol. 2, Shoki no Zenshi I (Two Earliest Ch'an History Texts), tr. by Seizan Yanagida, 1971.
Vol. 3, Shoki no Zenshi II (A Third Early Ch'an History Text), tr. by Seizan Yanagida, not yet published.
Vol. 4, Rokuso Dankyo (The Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch), tr. by Michi Nakagawa, not yet published.
Vol. 5, Jinne Goroku (Dialogues of Shen-hui), tr. by Hisao Shinohara, not yet published.
Vol. 6, Tongo yomon (Essentials of Sudden Awakening by Hui-hai), tr. by Sojo Hirano, 1970.
Vol. 7, Ho Koji Goroku (Sayings of Layman P'ang), tr. by Yoshitaka Iriya, 1974.
Vol. 8, Denshin hoyo-Enryo roku (Works of Huang-po), tr. by Yoshitaka Iriya, 1969.
Vol. 9, Zen ken sho senshu tojo (Tsung-mi's Introduction to 'Fountainheads' of Ch'an), tr. by Shigeo Kamata, 1971.
Vol. 10, Rinzai roku (Discourses of Lin-chi), tr. by Ryomin Akizuki, 1972.
Vol. 11, Joshu roku (Discourses of Chao-chou), tr. by Ryomin Akizuki, 1972.
Vol. 12, Tozan roku (Discourses of Tung-shan), tr. by Toshihira Iida, not yet published.




Vol. 13, Kanzan shi (Poems of Han-shan), tr. by Sensuke Iritani and Takashi Matsumoto, 1970.
Vol. 14, Fugyohen (Compilation of works of Ch'i-sung), tr. by G. Shimada, not yet published.
Vol. 15, Setcho Juko (Hsueh-t'ou Chung-hsien), tr. by S. Kajiya, not yet published.
Vol. 16, Jugo zu (Ten Ox-herding Pictures and others), tr. by Kajiya, 1974.
Vol. 17, Daie sho (Writings of Ta-hui), tr. by Kengo Araki, 1969.
Vol. 18, Mumonkan (Gateless Gate), tr. by Takashi Hirata, 1969.
Vol. 19, Zenkan sakushin (To Encourage Zealous Study of the Zen Barriers), tr. by Jikai Fujiyoshi, 1970.
Vol. 20, Goroku no rekishi (History of the Zen Dialogues), Yoshitaka Iriya and Seizan Yanagida, not yet published.

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