2. Pali Glossary

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The list of Abbreviations used in this Glossary

Pali Word Grammatical Definition English Definition Chinese Definition
aha V. said
anicca Adj. impermanent 無常
arahant N.m. Arahant, Arhat 阿羅漢
Assaji N.m. Assaji (Personal name) 阿說示
atha Adv. then 爾時
attan N.m. Self
ayasmant Adj. Venerable (a title of respect for senior monks) 尊者
bhagavant Adj. Blessed One (a title used for the Buddha) 世尊
bhasati V. says, speaks
buddho N.m. Buddha 佛陀
ca conj. and
cittaj N.n. mind
dhammo N.m. doctrine, nature, truth, the Norm, morality, good conduct
devo N.m. 1. a deity; 2. the sky; 3. a rain cloud; 4. a king 神,王
danaj N.n. gift, charity, alms, alms-giving 布施
dukkhaj N.n. suffering, pain, misery, discomfort
eta(d) Demonstrative Pron. that, this
evaj Adv. thus, in this way, (in replay:) yes 如是
gatha N.f. a verse, stanza, a line of poetry
gacchati V. to go, to move, to walk
hetu N.m. cause, reason, condition
ima(j) Demonstrative Pron. that, this
indo N.m. lord, king, the Vedic god Indra, the king of devas 帝釋
janati/jinati V. to conquer, to subdue
kusala Adj. clever; good action, merit, virtue 善,善巧
khayo N.m. waste, destruction, decay, consummation 滅,盡
karanaj N.n. 1. doing, making; 2. production
kho Ind. indeed, really, surely (強調語) 實在是
lakkhanaj N.n. a sign, mark, characteristic, a prognosticative mark, a quality 相,特徵,徵兆
maha- Adj. (mahant, becomes maha in compound), great
maggo N.m. path, road, way
nirujjhati V. to cease, to dissolve, to vanish
nibbindati V. to get wearied of, to be disgusted with 厭離
nirodho N.m. cessation, the final truth 息,滅
namo Ind. be my adoration to, homage, veneration 歸敬
parinibbuta Adj. completely calmed, at peace, at rest 般涅槃,圓寂,完全寂止
pabba N.f. wisdom, knowledge, insight 般若,智慧
pariyodapana N.f. purification 淨化
pariyodapanaj N.n. purification 淨化
parinibbanaj N.n. final release from transmigration, death after the last lifespan of an Arahant 般涅槃,圓寂,出離輪迴
pabhavo N.m. origin, source 生起
passati V. to see, to find, to understand
papaj N.n. sin, evil, wrong action; bad, sinful, wicked
pariyayo N.m. order, course, quality, method, figurative language, a synonym, a turn 法門
paribbajako N.m. wandering religious mendicant 梵志,遍歷者,遊行者
raso N.m. taste, juice, flavour (食)味
rati N.f. pleasure, love, attachment, liking for (Loc.)
sabba Adj. everything, all 一切
saha Ind. with,together,accompanied by 共,俱
saranaj N.n. protection, help, refuge, shelter 歸依所,依怙
Sariputto N.m. (Personal Name) Sariputta (one of the foremost disciples of the Buddha) (人名),舍利弗
sasanaj N.n. teaching, order, message, doctrine, a letter 教誡
savkharo N.m. essential condition, a thing conditioned, mental coefficients (諸)行
samano N.m. a recluse 沙門
sa- Pref. (= sva in Sk.) one's own 自己
sabba Adj. all, every, whole, entire 一切的
savgho N.m. multitude, an assemblage, the Buddhist clergy 僧伽,眾
sammasajbuddho N.m. the perfectly Enlightened One 正遍覺者,三藐三佛陀
sukhaj N.n. happiness,comfort
sakko N.m. the king of devas 釋提桓因
ti Ind. (quotation mark), thus (引號)
ta(d) Demonstrative Pron. that, this
tathagato N.m. thus-gone, one who has gone so, the Enlightened One 如來
tanha N.f. craving, thirst, lust, attachment 愛欲
upasampada N.f. taking, undertaking, acquisition, higher ordination of a Buddhist monk 具足,成就,受持,受具,受戒
uppajjati V. to be born, to arise 生起
uppado N.m. rising, coming into existence, birth 生起
visuddhi N.f. purity, holiness, splendour, excellency 清淨
vadin N.m. one who disputes or preaches some doctrine 說者
vupasamo N.m. relief, calmness, cessation 寂滅
vayo N.m. age, loss, decay, expenditure 壞,滅
vata Ind. surely, certainly, indeed, alas (強調語) 確實
yada Adv. whenever, when
ya rel. Pron. which, what, whatever (關係代名詞) 其

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