8. Abbreviations

1: 1st person
2: 2nd person
3: 3rd person
Abl.: ablative case
abs.: absolutive
Acc.: accusative case
act.: active (Parassapada)
Adj.: adjective
Adv.: adverb
aor.: aorist (past tense)
a.pr.p.: active present participle
caus.: causative
conj.: conjunction
Dat.: dative case
DhP.: Dhammapada
Du.: dual
enc.: enclitic
f.: feminine
Gen.: genitive case
ger.: gerund
grd.: gerundive
imp.: imperative
impf.: imperfect
Ind.: indeclinable
in.: indicative
inf.: infinitive
Ins.: instrumental case
Int.: interjection
Loc.: locative case
m.: masculine
med.: medium (Attanopada)
med.pr.p.: medium present participle
N.: noun
n.: neuter
neg.: negative
Nom.: nominative case
Num.: numeral
opt.: optative
p.p.: past participle
p.pr.p.: passive present participle
part.: particle
pas.: passive
perf.: perfect
Pl.: plural
poss.: possessive form
pr.p.: present participle
Pref.: prefix
pres.: present tense
rel.: relative
Pron.: pronoun
Sg.: singular
Suf.: suffix
V.: verb
Voc.: vocative case

1. Alphabets and Pronunciation (in Chinese and English)

2. Glossary (in Chinese and English)

3. Readings in Pali Texts (in English)

4. The Practical Pali Grammar (Chinese by Chi-lin Tsai. English version is under development)

5. Inflections (in English)

6. Reference (in Chinese and English)

7. Abbreviations (in English)

8. The Table of Transliteration

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